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You, me and a few acquaintances.

Cinammon Schnapps.

Tents on the grass.

Smores, the April breeze.

I was so into you.

You only had eyes for me.

We were talking about who knows


Too young to remember.

The perfect age to enjoy!

But there’s always that girl that tags

Along, because she’s mad that you

Didn’t have eyes for her.

She was busy trying to be your BFF.

I slowly rubbed scented lotion on my

Legs, after my long soak in the hot


You quickly excuse yourself to take a


I guess that’s what the kids are

Calling it these days…

You were out of breath as you

Walked away.

That night, you were the first one to go

Into our tent.

Everyone else was still up, sitting by the


I could hear their assuming laughter;

Mischevous, nervous.

You just layed there, looking at me,

Smiling, as I smiled back from my

Sleeping bag.

I knew the rumor mill would begin to

Churn, but all I cared about was that

I was next to you, and you were

Next to me.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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