He Blew it Out (On the Suicide of a Classmate)

Please be mindful of the words you speak, the one’s you type, what you say because words really can be weapons, and they can destroy…

He Blew it Out
Like candles in the
He made it disappear
Never to be seen again.
Careless words
Thrown out
Not a thought
For the damage they

He Blew it Out
That which was him
Every hateful word
Spewn out
Pierced him.
Sorrow in his eyes
I wish I had seen then.

He was a casual acquaintance
A friend of a friend
A talented artist
I wonder where that
Would lead him.

I never spoke
A hateful word to him
Neither did my friend
But the damage of a few
Destroyed him.

Summer of “99”
I Learned of the pain
He had been in
When my friend reached
Told me of what
Had happened.
We were little more
Than kids then
And the blow was hard.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell


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