Art Predicts Life 2021

Saturday, 8.21.21

While browsing at today’s art reception, a couple of the artworks got my attention because they reminded me of something else as I meditated on each one. It was like I was trying to read the artwork similar to reading tarot card pictures. My interpretation of these artworks is different from the artists’ meaning for their work, but I received different insights from these artworks. I think the insights I received are possible hints of the future.

Inner Strength

After reading the title, this art reminded me of the Yoga Tree Pose because it gives me inner strength, ground me to the earth, when I do this pose, simile to these tree roots grounding the tree.

  1. MS word typed the wrong words in my post. ground is supposed to be grounds, and simile is supposed to be similar. that is what happens when i type fast, accidentally type a typo, and MS Word decides to guess the actually word on its own and picks the wrong word, which sounds stupid in my sentence.


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