An Hour of Drawing at Meetup

Sunday, 11.9.19

This afternoon, I decide to go to another drawing meetup group. This one is located at the busy intersection of Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area, across the street of the social mecca, South Coast Plaza, noted to be the biggest mall in Orange County, Southern California. I arrive the predestined location, Panera Bread, ten minutes after four, and only three people showed up for this meetup. I scan my surroundings, to notice many other people on their laptop or iPhone, with a coffee cup to the side. Some are eating a meal. It looks like a busy downtown coffee shop for writers and artists. The window to my right displays a busy street with many cars zooming by. Across the street is the Performing Arts Center and a bus-stop bench, as well as the South Coast Plaza mall; next door is Michaels. I take out my small art pad and draw a girl working on her lap in a similar situation. In one hour, the host decided to end this meetup, right in time for rush hour traffic. So, I drive back home in the mess. But while drawing, I came to the realization that I need to hang out at South Coast Plaza for inspiration and ideas because the area is very busy and interesting. I need some new ideas because I am currently experiencing writer’s block again–stuck in a spot and not sure where the story will go next. 

I return home and notice I have a message on my answering machine. Some idiot with an Asian accent blurts out something someone is going to die and hangs up. These people need to get a life. I am getting sick of this shit on my phone, whether telemarkers and other crap on my answering machine.


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