Four years of restless search I held

While happiness was slowly felled.

I sought a face to match her own

From boundless care to beauty grown.

I forged ahead through foreign spheres

To seek the phoenix of my tears.

The silent earth sank from my search;

I turned to orisons and church,

But comfort trembled like a flame —

It dipped and dived as if in pain.

I tore away from Christ and cross

To search, and numb my growing loss.

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And like a phoenix born again,

As if from some resplendent rain,

With rainbows riveting the dark

And music from the deathless lark,

Another rose with just her face –

The eyes I worshipped and their grace:

The voice, the hair, the lips, the limbs,

As beautiful as sunset-rims.

I’ve spoken to her, yet she seems

Relentlessly to fell my dreams.


What do you think?

Written by Jonathan Finch

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