Lost in the scene of her bosom

His eyes are like a drone

circling the evergreen…

Her body’s like a lemon drop

dipped in honey sweet

The tip of her crown

Right down to her feet

and everywhere in between

Just like that her body,

Her body’s intoxicating like wine…

To who

and to what can he personify

In his mind

he searched the world over and,

And he just can’t compare her to nobody…

Like a kid is to candy sweet

Tho he tries to keep it hush

He just can’t help it

when he hears her speak…

Instantly in a rush

he feels the heatness of her crush

Fools rush in they say

cries the prayers of the wise

With no disguise

a mule is stubborn to rules,

As is a fool

when embarking on a deadly duel?

Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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