7 Devils

(Photos courtesy of Daughters of Narcissistic and Abusive Mothers…..)

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7 Devils

I never had a childhood.

I was robbed of my innocence.

It is much too late for church and incense, for you.

This one goes out to the devils’ mistress.

The one who, if given the chance, would hurt me all over again.

This one goes out to the one I will finally be leaving behind.

May the fires of hell consume you, and all of your sins for eternity.

My guardian angel has come for me.

He will swiftly whisk me away from all of your poison, your

Evil, wretched heart.

There is no one like him.


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He will conquer you and all of your sin.

He is good, always has been, always will be.

You are evil.

Always have been, always will be.

There is no one like him.

Unlike you, he loves me.

You only love your damn self.

The wrath of God will follow you.

Karma will cut through your dark sky, like the killer comet

Of Death that clears out this planet from the insidious evil, filth, that doesn’t

Belong here.

You failed at your task to be a true human.

You will now pay the price.

The wrath of God will send you to your final destination.

The claws of the evil one will scratch you, and drag you down

To where you belong.

Forever and ever.

You thought you could escape this, your punishment.

But karma will come disguised as a Mexican lady, named Carmen,

And you will take her hand, and she will lead you astray once more.

Your torched fate awaits you.

My angel will rescue me.

My angel in blue jeans, and yes, he also has blue eyes.

To your own daughter you have been her worst enemy.

When you hear the 7 devils all around you,

When they encircle your

House, you will know who is God.



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Written by Maria Ayala

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