15 Most Demanding Box Styles In Packaging Industry

Many standard box styles can be identified in three ways: by a descriptive name, by their acronyms (short names) and by their international code. There are so many box styles while some most demanding box styles are listed below with their proper description.

  • Straight Tuck End – Box Style:
  • Reverse Tuck End – Box Style:
  • Sleeve – box style: 
  • Triangular – Box Style:
  • Tuck Flap with Hang Tab – Box Style:
  • Two Piece – Box Style:
  • Seal End – box style: 
  • 1-2-3 bottom or snap lock – box style:
  • Pillow box – box style: 
  • Gable – box style: 
  • Pyramid – Box Style:
  • Auto Bottom Tuck Flap – Box Style
  • Auto Bottom with Front Lock – Box Style
  • Slotted Carton – Box Style: 
  • Display lid – box style
  • Front Lock Mailer – Box Style:
  • Straight Tuck End – Box Style: In Straight Tuck box style, the top and bottom box panels fold from the front to rear or from rear to front. These type of boxes are very appropriate for products needing a paper box to display the product from the front. These are also used for custom medical boxes, custom food boxes, custom beverage boxes, custom pharmaceutical packaging boxes, custom retail boxes, custom software boxes, and custom toy boxes.
  • Reverse Tuck End – Box Style: In reverse tuck end box style, the top box’s front flips to the rear, while the bottom closure hinges off the rear and bent to the front. This style is desired for custom cosmetic boxes since it gives a more finished appearance and better graphic design opportunities. It is also used for custom medical boxes, custom food boxes, custom software boxes, custom retail boxes, custom pharmaceutical packaging boxes, and custom toy boxes.
  • Sleeve box style: A Sleeve is frequently used directly on the product or as a slip-on cover over a tray. It is a very low-cost packaging solution which lets the product to be watched from the sides or from the top and bottom. Commonly used for custom medical boxes, custom retail boxes, custom food boxes and custom software boxes.
  • Triangular – Box Style: The triangular box is parallel to straight tuck end where its tuck top and bottom with a straight line sticking, except there’s only three-sided panel, the special shape is great for eye-catching character and to display the product on the shelf. It’s perfect for a broad range of fairly light products and usually used for custom food boxes and medical boxes.
  • Tuck Flap with Hang Tab – Box Style: The Tuck Flap with Hang Tab box is used for small and lightweight products. It is an ideal and extensive point of purchase display to be placed on a hanger. For custom cosmetic boxes, custom medical boxes, and custom retail boxes, Tuck Flap box is used effortlessly.
  • Two Piece – Box Style: Two-piece box style is a combination of two solid flat board paper with sided-cut that are used, one as the base of the box while another as a closing lid of the box to give a high-end look to any packaged product. These boxes can be used for sales, promotional, and retail packaging to create excellent value and brand recognition for the product. Customized two-piece product boxes also include your brand or logo to create a Beautiful luxury packaging that will enhance the value of any product and be kept for years to come.
  • Seal End- box style: A paperboard folding carton which is bonded or glued along the depth dimension. Its top and bottom flaps are folded over the open end and joined after it is filled with the product.
  • 1-2-3 bottom or snap lock – box style: 1-2-3 bottom boxes are also known as snap lock boxes, these boxes offer higher product safety than tuck end boxes. They need a bit more time to assemble than auto bottom lockboxes. In 1-2-3 bottom box style, the bottom flaps interlock in the box for a complete closure. The top tuck flaps are enclosed on the front side after placing the product inside.
  • Pillow box- box style: Pillow boxes are Elegant yet made with carton (One-piece construction) and simple in structure, just tuck in ends for quick packaging. It is Similar in nature to the same type of design that is used for hot apple pies served at fast food restaurants, these one-piece design pillow boxes give you the benefit of a unique packaging design for custom gift boxes, for presenting small products and custom retail boxes.
  • Gable box style: A box with a handle which can be closed from its front and its handle allows the user to hold it with ease. Gable Boxes (or barn boxes) are versatile containers which provide the advantages of a bag and a box in the same beautiful package. Gable boxes can be used for custom food boxes, custom gift boxes, and custom bakery boxes.
  • Pyramid – Box Style: Pyramid box style is made up of a single wrapping sheet of a plain paperboard and molded into an Egyptian pyramid style. These boxes provide the best way to please the receiver. Generally, these boxes are used for custom gift box packaging.
  • Auto Bottom Tuck Flap – Box Style: A pre-glued carton is composite with bottom tuck flaps to form a complete packaging box. From the front, its flaps are tucked in and positioned in place by the friction or locked in position.  Tucks of the box may have either shore locks or friction fit for a more secure closure. These are used for a broad range of relatively light products and commonly used for custom food boxes and custom medical boxes.
  • Auto Bottom with Front Lock – Box Style: A variation of auto bottom tuck flap box style, however, this style additionally designed with one front auto lock. Fold down front panel of the lid and Fold down the upper part of lid front panel to overlap position and lock in the slot. It can be frictionally placed with the front tuck flap to completely padlock the box. It’s suitable for a retail product like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Display Lid – Box Style: Display lid box style only consists of two sidewalls and a very large top cover lid that can be folded and tucked back in the box. The custom-made display lid box turns into a perfect product display and marketing, promotional and displaying the product directly to customers.
  • Front Lock Mailer – Box Style: A simple top tuck mailer is most often used with a front lock design that provides the greatest security to the product. The front lid of the box is glued with the lower corrugated board of the box. The front lid is closed and can be locked after placing the product in it. These custom shipping boxes are used for custom subscription or mailing boxes and custom pizza boxes.
  • Slotted Carton – Box Style: This is the most common style container. Front of the box designed with four flaps and sealed from the bottom side. All flaps are the similar length and meet in the center of the box when closed the box after placing the product inside it. It is used for common shipping products.


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Written by MeharAA