Why Is It Wise To Get A Dog When You’re Single?

When you’re still single and you live on your own, you will realize that you actually have a lot of time on your hands. When you come home from work, there are still so many hours to fill before bedtime. As an individual who doesn’t really want to waste time, you will probably want to think of something to fill those hours with.

There are a lot of activities that any single person can choose to do. The more artistic ones can pick painting as a hobby, and they can start producing artwork after artwork. Those who are more inclined to language can come up with their own literary masterpieces. Those who have so much love to give can adopt a dog. 

This article is for those who decide to be pet parents to furry pooches. We will discuss here the potential benefits of having dogs as pets.  

Dog owners get more exercise, improving their health and social lives

Like any other organism on this planet, dogs need to be mobile in order for them to become familiar with their environments. Their need for a stroll is also for them to expend the energy that they have in excess if they stay stagnant. 

Because dogs, especially if they’re new to the neighborhood, do not really know their way around town, their owners will have to accompany them during their walks. In the process, their owners get the physical exercise that their own body needs to stay fit and healthy. 

Aside from the obvious benefits to their physical health, dog owners also get the chance to improve their social lives when they walk with their pooches regularly. Other people tend to stop and talk with owners when they see that they are with a cute pup who is curious about the world around them. 

Conversations like this give the owners a chance to expand their network. They could even get themselves dates, if they’re into that kind of thing. 

People who live with dogs have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease

Heart ailments are among the most potent killers of adults in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Because of this, researchers from all over the globe spend a lot of their resources and time looking for factors that can help protect people from cardiovascular illnesses. 

Among the things that their years of research have uncovered is that living with dogs tends to reduce the risk of dying from heart issues. To be specific, the risk of dying from cardiovascular issues is reduced by 11% when a solitary person lives with a dog. From this, it can safely be said that being a pet parent to a hound is actually an investment for a longer and much more fulfilling life. 

Aside from the love that they unconditionally give their dog parents, living with dogs also has benefits that are more physical and tangible. In general, having a dog as a pet tends to make people healthier, making them a lot more able to live their lives more fully.  


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