Walking in Nature

Friday, 8.23.19

I added this snaphshot of a bee on yellow because it looks interesting.

At 9 am, the association maintenance people stopped by to work on the termite issue. They fixed the wood areas, and painted it wait. I noticed the checked all around the townhouse. I hope everything is OK now. 

I was on the internet, most of the day, until 5:30 pm, which I decided to change my clothes and go to the Woodbridge walking meetup. 9 people showed up today. I decided to walk around both lakes. I notied lots of brown rabbits hopping around. They are cute. So, are the ducks and geese. I checked on my iphone, and I noticed I walked 11,377 steps and 4.7 miles from 6 pm to 8:08pm. I returned home, and ate a banana and avocado. I noticed it is starting to get dark at 8 pm. 


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