Tips to Taking Care of Pets at Home

Tuesday, 10.26.21

How to check the health of pets at home?

Touch and play with your pets on a daily basis to make sure everything is OK.

Look at the nose. Dry or shiny?

Look at the eyes. Bright, sparkly eyes. Check the reactions.

Ears. Make no there is no redness or inflammation.

Spine. Check down the spin, feeling all the way down. Feel for lumps, bumps, etc.

Check the fur.

Check the stomach. It might be hard to do on a cat.

Check the teeth, and look for plaque. Make sure it is pink and there is no bad breath.

Feel between each paw. Make sure there is no dry and cracked areas.

Check the legs. Flexibility. Make sure there is no pain anywhere.

Introduce a new pet gradually. Let old pet smell and get to know the new one slowly.

Chlorine dioxide solution. CDS can help an old dog with large tumor growths.

Vitamin imbalances, or other bodily imbalances can cause hair to fall off. Check hair and skin as well as the specific area. Might need to go to the vets. Infection could go to the kidney.  Check the cat’s behavior to see if it is improving.

Clean Slate

Bentonite Clay

French Green Clay

Algae and Chlorella

Small fish is good for cats, but buy frozen and cook it yourself. Canned version is good for pets.

Don’t give pets too much fat.


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