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The trending dog due its long hair fashion.

The dog is famous for its loyalty, but there is a dog that became so famous due to its fashionable long hair and  became a fashionable model. A three-year-old Afghan Hound is a fashionable model, the dog named AJ Narwana Beetle from China.

People liked the dog status of being a fashion model because of their smart body structure, picture pose and above all because of their beautiful hair. This beauty of Narwana Beetle is not all natural, but in the beauty of this fashion model dog owner, Kevin Chen also has a hand.

Kevin Chen is marketing director in Beijing, who spend six to eight hours on every seventh or ninth day to wash t and decorate the dog. Kevin Chen does not hesitate to spend too much money on the beauty of the dog.

According to his claim, he spend about $ 15,000 every week on the dog’s beauty. It will be a huge amount for  others, but these money do not have any significance to Chen because he consider this dog as part of their family.

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