Seymour Firefighters rescue a kitten that was trapped inside an auto


If there is one trait that kittens have, it is their uncanny ability to go inside the engines of park autos to relax or satisfy their curious nature.

Around one hour before midnight (Eastern Time in the U S) a concerned citizen called 911 to report a cat that was trapped inside a parked auto on Willow Street in Seymour Connecticut.

The Seymour Firefighters then answered the call of duty to do their best to rescue the kitten that was crying for help to get him out of his tight spot being trapped inside an auto engine.

Seymour Assistant Fire Chris Edwards who is an expert in getting kittens out of auto engine. Just call Chris a designated hitter in baseball terms.

Chris was able to get the kitten out of the parked out by removing the air filter and getting the kitten out of the auto.

Since the kitten spent some time the engine of a parked auto, he acted like he was scared but healthy.

Chris took the kitten to a local animal shelter to have a medical check up and be given a bath to get all of the smell of the parked auto off of him.

The kitten will likely be placed up for adoption so a loving family can adopt him in the near future.

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