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My Cat Gravy

This is Gravy, one of my cats, and today is her 1st birthday. She’s actually kept in a customized chicken coop most of the time because we have a neighborhood dog  who attacks and kills little cats and out of fear for Gravy’s life, we decided to keep her in a chicken coop as she grows so she will be safe. She has enough space in it though, and she’s always fed well hence, her stocky build. But today is her birthday so we decided to let her in our house for today and man, the ruckus she made! She loves to run and jump around and during the time she stayed on our house, when she wasn’t sitting in her favorite spot, she was knocking books and furniture all around. These are some of the photos I took while she was staying in our house.

Mini blep

You can't really see it, but she actually has the tip of her tongue out while I took this photo.


My sister was using the wooden stick to play with her (she was pointing the stick at Gravy and she would attack it) and she's having fun with it.

Prim and proper

This is one of my rarest photos of her, only because she was actually behaved while I took pictures of her, and she's actually looking at the camera.

Look up

This is one of my favorite photos of her; she's so adorable looking up at the stick and my backpack behind her looks like a turtle shell and she looks like a cat with a shell in her back.


And last but not the least: this funny photo of her.IT looks like she's winking at the camera while showing her fang and she looks adorably silly in it. Happy birthday, Gravy!

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