Live… Laugh… Love…

So, yesterday, on a spontaneous whim, my family and I used our season passes and took a little trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA.

As we were checking everything out, watching people ride the coasters, we were gearing up to watch the dolphin show and sea lion show. We decided to give the walrus some love first and grab a bite to eat.

The sea lion show was first. Jessyka even got picked to be able to interact with one of them.

Next was the dolphin show called “Drench,” and of course we had to sit in the front row. The dolphins were amazing and of course we got drenched. I wish I had pictures of the soaking aftermath. LOL

The dolphins and sea lions are such amazing creatures to watch and a HUGE must that you must experience at least once.

For the chance to see the smiles on my daughter’s face and having fun with my family, I feel so blessed and forever rich in the heart.


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Written by Liz Forbes

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