January 6 is Gumby D’Arcy Birthday

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Today is Gumby D’Arcy’s 19th birthday. I woke up late on this birthday because I had a long day on Saturday. It was a quiet, where I just chilled, watching the movie Black Dahlia. I haven’t read the book. But, a couple of years ago, I went book reading by the author, James Ellroy, the author of Black Dahlia. It was an interesting event, in which I had also blogged about my experience meeting the author. I picked up some writing tips from him, in which that is why I went to this event anyway.

Anyway, after watching the movie and taking a shower, I realized it was too late to henna my hair. I will probably do it on Tuesday, after the Pop Pilates class.

Tonight, I went upstairs and woke up Gumby for a short birthday photo shoot on my bed. He was still tired, sleepy, and groggy. So, he gave me the model with an attitude look.

He lounged on my bed, ignoring me and frequently yawning…

He looks sleepy from this headshot. He usually looks alert and energetic….

He curled up into a cozy pose…

He reach out his arms to play with my iPhone.

He was intrigued by the iPhone.

Today, both Gumby and I slept a lot…


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