How to Choose the Right Puppy for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right puppy can be a difficult choice. Every puppy is adorable, and selecting the best pet might seem overwhelming!

However, it’s extremely important to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle. Go beyond physical looks and consider the dog’s personality. This can help you determine if a specific dog is a good fit for your family’s needs or not. 

We’ve put together a quick rundown of important factors to consider when choosing the right puppy. For a more detailed look into assessing puppy temperament, check out this in-depth guide from our friends at Snowy Pines White Labradors.

Research dog breeds

Different dog breeds have unique traits and characteristics. Whether you want a purebred or mixed breed, it’s crucial to consider a dog’s habits before adopting one. Understanding these characteristics will help you determine whether a particular breed type is the right match for your lifestyle or not.

You can conduct an online search or find information in breed-specific books to learn more about different dog breeds. The internet has several websites that offer guides on dog breeds. You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of adopting a purebred or a mixed breed, and learn how to select the best puppy for your home.

Determine how much training is required

Training your puppy is the next step after you bring your dog home. For instance, if your dog is shy, she may need to be trained on how to socialize. You might also need to teach her how to be obedient. Whatever your dog needs, you’ll have to commit some time to work with your puppy regularly. Remember that training your dog can help improve her socialization skills.

If your puppy is going to spend a lot of time inside, ensure that your yard has a proper fence. It can also help to keep your dog on a leash when necessary.

Assess your lifestyle

Before you cave and get that adorable puppy, take a step back to assess your financial condition. Beyond the budget, how much time do you really have to spend on your new puppy? Puppies will need regular visits to the groomer and the vet, which require both money and time from you. Don’t forget about the regular exercise and attention you’ll need to give your dog, too.

Some dog breeds are more assertive or energetic than others. These breeds require extra time for socialization, training, and exercise. If you choose one of these dog breeds, make sure you have the time and patience to meet their needs.

Choose kid-friendly breeds

If you have kids, pick a dog breed that’s family-oriented and eager to please. Labradors are known as great family dogs, while collies and German Shepherds are highly trainable breeds.

Almost all types of dog breeds, if well-socialized, should be friendly to your kids and family. Rescue dogs, however, often have experienced past trauma or abuse that may mean they aren’t the best fit for a family with kids. Assess your family’s needs before choosing a dog.

Don’t forget about allergies

Some dog breeds shed more than others. Although there are no dogs that are 100% hypoallergenic, some breeds (Kerry blue terriers, Bichons, and Malteses included) tend to shed less

If you or any of your family members have allergies, spend some time with your prospective puppy before bringing it home to see how you react. If you experience rashes or hives when you let the dog lick your arm, it’s likely you’re allergic to that particular puppy. Continue searching to find a breed you can be comfortable with.

Age is important

In most cases, a puppy should be at least eight weeks before adoption. Some breeders keep their animals until the puppies turn 12 weeks old. The “right” age for puppy adoption can vary from eight weeks to four months.

Whether you decide to adopt a younger or older puppy, be prepared to train and supervise your new dog. Spending time with your pup will improve the dog’s socialization skills and mold him or her to suit your lifestyle.

Knowing the traits and characteristics of different dog breeds can help you choose the best dog for your family and bring home a pet that you’ll love for a lifetime. 


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