How humans differ from animals

How do human beings differ from other animals?

Let’s leave to one side questions about souls and immortality, which cannot be proved either way, and just look at the physical characteristics that set us apart:

We are all individual in appearance, apart from identical twins. We come in all shapes and sizes and have many features that can vary from person to person, including skin and hair colour, height, build and proportion of individual features to each other.

We have adapted to live in just about every environment on Planet Earth.

We are the only animals that walk upright.

Our brains are far more highly evolved than that of any other animal, such that we have developed highly complex methods of communication and interaction.

We are capable of experiencing and displaying a wide range of feelings and emotions.

Unfortunately, we are also the only animal that is capable of acting with such stupidity and greed that we have every chance of destroying all life on this planet, including our own.


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