“I Hate Cute Love Dogs”

When I needed a comment from Professor Tagg, Mc Dog about the worldwide infatuation with animal cuteness and in particular, “Cute-Love Dogs, he snarlingly replied, saying:“The written subject content about dog cuteness is comprised of millions of pages on the Internet, and the accompanying barrage of photos are so nauseatingly good as well. I really don’t get it, I’m an academic and I teach humans about animal behavior and no one calls me cute, while those mutt’s sit around just looking goofy to get all the accolades.”

I don’t agree with professor Tagg, but, I’m just a frog with a camera that adores cute dogs,  If, like him, you don’t think dogs can be cute, just sitting around looking goofy, click on to the next article, and no hard feelings.

Oh, you are all still here, I’m here too, so just enjoy the “cute Doggie Video” and please leave a comment about doggie professor “cuteness,” too, I’m sure, that’s all he really wants.


What do you think?