5 Grandiose Owls That Exist In The Wild

Owls are magnificent birds. They are known for being “night birds” , as most of their activity is done by the night. Being carnivorous birds means that they feed on meat. The perfect eyesight is the most important for animals that are hunting in the middle of the night. Owl birds are known for their disproportionally large eyes in comparison to their skulls. Their enormous eyes and pupils are responsible for their night vision. They produce different weird sounds that help them communicate, scare enemy and find mates. An owl’s sharp beak and powerful talons allow it to kill its prey before swallowing it whole if it is not too big.



There are 216 types of owls existing in the wild. Check out these 5 grandiose types and get to know why they are “night birds” !

Snowy owl

This beautiful white bird is a snow owl. These are native to Arctic regions in North America and Eurasia. Male specimens are almost all white, while female have more flecks like the owl on the photo above. This yellow-eyed, black-beaked white bird is easily recognizable. In the wild it lives for 9.5 years.They feed on small mammals, such as mice.

Shelley’s eagle-owl

This type of owl is very little-known and rarely studied. Despite, it is known for being the largest owl in the world with a total length of the species is 53 to 61 cm. This dark eagle owl is an inhabitant of the African rainforests.

Pharaoh eagle-owl

This is one of smaller eagle-owl species. The amazing Pharaoh eagle can be found in northern Africa and the Arabian peninsula. Like a typical owl, it is active at night. It feeds on small animals, such as: birds, snakes, lizards, mice. This type of owl is known for being monogamous and forms a lifelong relationship. The both parents care for their chicks.

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