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Setting The Stage: Ancient Battles

The first of the Setting the Stage series, on warfare from 1300 BC to 500 AD. I Think this quiz will you some interesting quiz about ancient battles but if you like my quiz then please share it with your fans and also like it and give me your suggestions.

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    In 1274 B.C., on the border of the Assyrian and Egyptian empires stood the armies of the two most powerful men in the Middle East,Pharaoh Ramses II and King Muwatalli. Most accounts detail the ending with a draw, effectively ending the border dispute. Near what ancient town did this battle occur?

    • Damascus
    • Kadesh
    • Jerusalem
    • Baghdad
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    The year is 490 BC and the Greek city state is under attack from the Persian Empire. On the coast of Greece 16,000 Persians were landing against an Athenian force of 11,000. The Greeks eventually attacked the Persian coastal encampment and defeated them. What was the name of the Greek city that was the Grecian encampment?

    • Eritria
    • Thebes
    • Marathon
    • Corinth
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    In 480 BC, the Persians renewed their assault on Greece. After defeating the Spartan forces at Thermopylae, the Persian navy attacked the Athenian port of Salamis. The Athenian navy ambushed the Persian fleet and defeated them. What was the name of the Persian emperor at this battle?

    • Xerxes
    • Cyrus the Great
    • Darius
    • Euypides
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    By 331 BC, Alexander the Great had fought through the Persian empire, defeating the Persians at Issus, Tyre, and the Granicus River. In this battle, Alexander was outnumbered by 153,000 men and still defeated Darius’ army. This battle put the final nail in the coffin for the Persian Empire. What was the name of this decisive battle?

    • Ipsus
    • Gaugamela
    • Suza
    • Babylon
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    In October, 52 BC, the siege of Alesia broke and Julius Caesar completed his conquest of Gaul. He did this with 53,000 men against the combined Gallic force of 330,000 men. Who was the leader of the final Gallic resistance?

    • Vercingetorix
    • Archeopterix
    • Cenabum
    • Germanicus Verus
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    The August of 48 BC pitted Roman against Roman, great general against great politician, Gnaeus Pompey and Julius Caesar met with Pompey outnumbering Caesar almost two to one. Caesar, in his usual fashion, defeated Pompey on what plain in Greece?

    • Phyrrian
    • Belpharus
    • Pella
    • Pharsalus
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    At Actium on September 2, 31 BC the heir to Caesar’s empire faced off against Marc Antony and Cleopatra. When the day was over, the heir became Emperor Augustus Caesar. What was his name before he was Augustus?

    • Scipio Andronicus
    • Aurelius Caesar
    • Octavian
    • Brutus Maximus
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    In 9 AD, inside the deep dark forests of ancient Germany, three legions were massacred by the might of the Germanic tribes. Commander Varus died along with those legions. What was the name of the Germanic forest?

    • Dussel Wald
    • Daan Wald
    • Rhine Wald
    • Teutoburger Wald


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