How much do you know about “Friends”? PART 8


Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay are all friends, living off of one another in the heart of New York City. Over the course of ten years, this average group of buddies goes through massive mayhem, family trouble, past and future romances, fights, laughs, tears and surprises as they learn what it really means to be a friend.


  • Question of

    Who has had their head stuck in a turkey?

    • Chandler and Ross
    • Monica and Joey
    • Joey and Chandler
  • Question of

    How many seasons of Friends are there?

    • 7
    • 10
    • 12
  • Question of

    How did Dr Drake Ramoray die?

    • Heart Attack
    • Murdered
    • Elevator shaft
  • Question of

    What is the name of Joey’s penguin pal?

    • Hugsy
    • Pugsy
    • Bugsy
  • Question of

    What is Joey’s most famous pick up line?

    • What’s up?
    • How you doin’?
    • What’s ya doing?
  • Question of

    Phoebe dates a diplomat named…

    • Sergei
    • Mischa
    • Serge
  • Question of

    What is Monica’s surname at the end?

    • Geller Tribbiani
    • Geller Green
    • Geller Bing
  • Question of

    Which production company made Friends?

    • CBS Films
    • Warner Bros
    • Pinewood Studios


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