What Do You Know About Ancient Weapons? Quiz

Laser guided bombs? Predator drones? Forget them because ancient warriors used more “face-to-face” weapons. Let’s have a look.

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    Sometimes the weapon you use is whatever you have at hand. There was this skinny shepherd kid faced with doing combat against a well-armed, and armored, giant. What weapon did he use?

    • a sling
    • a handful of dirt
    • a bone spear
    • a club
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    In hand-to-hand combat, ancient warriors sometimes used this ancestor of the brass knuckles.

    • eku
    • macana
    • dirk
    • cestus
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    This weapon evolved from being made of stone to one of bronze, then iron, then steel as metallurgy advanced. It was designed for close combat either by foot soldiers or mounted cavalry. It was also a favorite of Gimli in “The Lord of the Rings.”

    • corvus
    • gladius
    • battle axe
    • flail
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    What weapon was developed to counter hardened steel used in armor in the Middle Ages?

    • halberd
    • war hammer
    • virge
    • eku
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    The U.S. military uses Hellfire missiles. What weapon did the Byzantines have on their ships?

    • Real hellfire
    • Greek fire
    • Napalm
    • Fire pots
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    Not all weapons of war were inanimate. Hannibal, for instance, used this large animal to great advantage in the Second Punic War.

    • giraffes
    • lions
    • elephants
    • seals
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    This old-style weapon was swung by a warrior; the idea being to slash or cut, rather than thrusting it directly at an enemy. What is it?

    • colichemarde
    • xiphos
    • katara
    • broadsword
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    This relative of the mace had a ball, often spiked, attached by a chain to a handle. What is this weapon?

    • virge
    • flail
    • bulawa
    • caltrop


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