Trump did not conspire with Russia – Mueller report

According to the summary of the report submitted in the US Congress by Robert Mueller, the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was not conspire with Russia. It was a presidential campaign for the 2016 elections. In the summary of this report, no final result has been reached, whether President Trump has barred the obstacle of justice, nor has the President been declared as sinful.

Attorney General William Bar prepared this summary for the Congress. After the report’s summary, President Trump wrote on twitter,

 No Collusion , No Obstruction, Complete and total Exoneration. Keep America Great”

President Trump was referring to the inquiry as blame game since the day one. On Sunday After the report he said that it was shameful that the country had to go through it all. He said that the investigation was illegal, which failed.

This report is a two-year investigation summary. In this case President Trump closest one were investigated and in some cases the people were also imprisoned. He wrote in his report that although this report ultimately did not show that the president has committed a crime, but it does not even show that President Trump is cleared.

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