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The 8-year-old Mexican girl won the Nuclear Science Prize

The 8-year-old girl from the North American country of Mexico has been awarded the Nuclear Science Prize, who has developed a solar powered heater for low-income families.

8-year-old Sochel Gowada Lopay Cruz has been awarded the Nuclear Science Prize by the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Soshil has prepared such heaters from recycled goods, which can can help to warm water. This heater works on solar, For many people this is an unnecessary device, However, Sushil says that she invented the device after thinking something special. She says people have less resources and they can not buy electronic heaters and So they cut the woods to meet the needs of the energy. This heater is a low price and will also help in saving the trees.

Sushil’s family helped her set the device on the terrace, which is now easier to heat water in her house.  She says, ‘I enjoy having a warm water with my knitted device’. In future Sushil plans to get higher education in the science . Looking at its invention at the age of 8, it is not difficult to estimate her bright future.

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