Singing for the Living Lord

We know that Jesus is our living God and we cannot deny His presence. He comes in real in the form of His Holy Spirit. His presence is felt in comfort, warmth, compassion and understanding of our heart, mind and soul. Yes, God does understand us fully unlike anyone else.

Most of the time of our life we spend in grief because we think that no one understands us. We reply upon our spouse, our parents, siblings and friends to understand our feelings. We have dreams and so do everyone of us. But we tend to lean on others with expectations.

These expectations always fail because no man can be as perfect as God is. Due to this, there is a feeling of failure and a feeling of victory depending upon whom we put our trust upon.

When we trust upon God, He won’t fail us, but when we trust the world, it is sure that some or the other day, that failure will come unless God has put His hand on it.

In His presence we always sing for His glory because of His faithfulness. What can make our soul sing for His glory is His faithfulness and compassionate love.

If you have received this message in Jesus Name, then, let’s say, “Amen”.

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Written by puregrace

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