Prayers for Deliverance and Salvation

Blessed is the day of deliverance, whether it is from the health issues or from any agent of the darkness. We need deliverance from almost everything negative that happens in this world. Deliverance from deep rooted pain, chronicle or hereditary health problems, long time enemies, witchcraft, wickedness of the world, financial worries, fear and death too. We need deliverance from those bad things that happen repeatedly and we do not want them to happen again. Deliverance from confusion to peace. Deliverance from suffering to joy.

When does deliverance come? Since it belongs to the Lord, it comes only at His time and hence we should keep praying for it. The later it comes is the more blessings it brings. Every deliverance brings abundant gifts and blessings with it. So, it becomes a matter of happiness and rejoicing after being delivered.

One thing I have observed in my life is that when it is the time of deliverance, things become intolerable and too much complicated for us. That time deliverance is near. God has to intervene in it to save us. Deliverance comes for sure because God does not want to lose our soul.

So, let’s pray a simple prayer. I pray to God that all those who have been waiting for deliverance and have been praying to Him, let them be set free right now and forever more. Let them be free according to your promises, O God. In Jesus Name I ask. “Amen”.

  • Do You Receive the Deliverance Right Now in Jesus Name?

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Written by puregrace

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