The passion must come from one of your fortes. Forte is the work we do well, do well. So in order to identify a forte, a passion, we must practice, we must try. You can’t just sit there and think about the past, and this person tells you we’re gifted with this, good at that. Be realistic little. You have to do enough to know if you’re good or not. Doing so is also a way for us to know if we like the job or not, whether we want it to become a passion associated with your life or not. So it’s clear that in order to find the right passion, we have to go out and try all the ways you find yourself with a knack. If you like a business? Get out, and practice selling. You can be a salesperson of a company, or create your own small business projects. You are an Ironman fan, do you want to be an expert in electronics or information technology? Buy books that teach you how to do that, go to google and start exploring to make electronic circuits, software. Electronic circuits, basic software are not too difficult to implement, and you can easily follow the instructions available online or in books. I believe that the experience, practical experience at the start of the job is the best way to foster your love, desire, desire to achieve achievements in that job.

I have many friends who have found a passion for their life. Most of them have tried many different jobs. They are not afraid to try, because they understand that only conflict with life will help them find what they want, find the direction for their lives. If you told me that life is too short for us to try and do many different jobs to find yourself a true passion? Many of you are afraid of the turbulence, uncertainties with your life when you do not follow the paths that your family and parents have directed for you. Please sir, not finding the true passion in your life is the most frightening thing. If you follow the paths that are already in front of you or let the flow of life push you into a certain way then you reason that you will try to do everything in the best way possible to create a life. Well, maybe that wouldn’t be a good choice. If you listen to your parents, the society says this job will make you a lot of money, the other job will help stabilize your life, you hope it will be good for you, maybe someday, even in college you realize you are never inspired by subjects related to that field, or worse than when you go to work, every day for you will be full of the pressure of work. You will have to try to get things done quickly, in time for the deadline, for the time to go by the end of the month to get paid. If you accept to live like that, you have lost the biggest choice of your life: the choice of the work you do. Each person lives only once, and if you are not pursuing your passion, pursuing your own personal purpose, how you see the true value and meaning of life, how you record your mark. Your own personality on the steps you have taken?

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