Kirstjen Nielsen : Why I resigned as Homeland Security Chief ?

Washington. I Kirstjen Nielsen Homeland Security Chief, resigned from the position due to the controversial border policy of US President Donald Trump.

Since I am considered responsible for separating the immigrant’s families and the  construction of wall on  the Mexican border, but actually this was president Trump policy not mine and I am bound to adhere the president direction according to US  constitution.

I have resigned from the post because of the Donald Trump further intense the immigration policy and Trump was often heard allegations on Homeland Security Secretary due to not intense the immigration policies.

Homeland Security Chief met President Donald Trump on the last day to discuss future situation of the border. Sources said , Kirstjen Nielsen was pressured to resign from office.

Kirstjen Nielsen wrote that this is the perfect time to resign, and America is more secure today than ever.

US President Donald Trump says customs and border protection commissioner Kevin McAleenan will be the new temporary secretary of Homeland Security.

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