It Is Not By Our Works, But By the Grace of God

We have been saved through Faith that is given to us freely as a gift. Also, by the Grace of God we are saved. It is not by the works of our hands but by the gift and goodness of God. No one can boast about the works of their hands because all the glory belongs to the Lord only. Whatever comes to us, it comes as a free gift from the Lord whether they are the blessings, the gifts, the Holy Spirit, the word of God, the healing, the miracles and even the prophesy. It is all for God’s glory. The churches, the ministers, the evangelists, the pastors, the saints, the angels of God are all His gift to the world.

Similarly, whatever we get materialistic is also from the Lord. We have materialistic blessings, marriage, job, financial blessings, business, spouse, children, relatives, family, social blessings, prosperity, property, pets, clothing, shelter and love added to it. All these blessings are a free gift from God so that no man can boast about it. All the glory belongs to God only.

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Written by puregrace

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