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Previously, I was occasionally praised as a “stylish” dresser, but the style here is a combination of many types of fashion, with lots of different colors and styles (in short, one style. “diverse” ways). The problem with this style is that (1) I don’t really have any style at all, and (2) I always have to chase the fashion, buy new clothes for my wardrobe (because of the items). I am inherently not completely compatible with each other). Finally, I have a wardrobe, although many items, none of which suits one. Having too many fashion options makes it too time-consuming to prepare for work every morning.

When I moved to minimalism, I took away most of my closet, leaving only the fun and meaningful items. Because I had a few options, I was forced to focus on thinking about how to combine items together, making it simple but still stylish. I became more interested in the materials, styles, and colors of each item I had. I still remember after reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (Marie Kondo), I studied the author picking up each shirt and wondering: “Will this make me happy?” it spark joy?). It was the first time I saw how beautiful my shirt was, every needle, thread, and print appeared vividly, but I had not noticed and treasured it before. If I need to buy new clothes, I focus more on quality than quantity, I can pay a high price for a good shirt if it can match most of the items I already have, rather than the shirt is cheaper but fussy to wear. This also means adding items with neutral colors (white, black, gray, pastel, light blue, etc.) and sleek, classic, easy to combine styles. If you met me a year ago and said: “Chi, you will have a very small closet in the future, only about 30 pieces!”, I will think you are crazy. But the truth is today, right now, I only have about 30 items, and I’m happier with my wardrobe than when I have 100 or 200.

Along with fashion, other aspects of life have also been changed to new aesthetic thinking. A good example is an interior design. The apartment we live in is now much more beautiful and elegant than the old one, not because this apartment is built better but because we have a better eye and buy furniture that is more in color. and room material. In addition, having fewer things makes the space more airy and comfortable.

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