The Greatest Duck Characters of All Time I of X

We all like Ducks a lot and they look so adorable. They are a lot popular among all age groups and especially between kids.

I will post 10 polls for that and you can choose your favorite and vote for that and i may post 11th for the characters that receive the most votes.

So which is your favorite among these?

  • Question of

    Mrs. Kwakk Wakk Vs Edd the Duck

    • Mrs. Kwakk Wakk
    • Edd the Duck
  • Question of

    Dynamo Duck Vs Dean Tightbill

    • Dynamo Duck
    • Dean Tightbill
  • Question of

    Mousse Duck Vs Pekkle Duck

    • Mousse Duck
    • Pekkle Duck


What do you think?

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