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The Greatest Dogs in Cartoons and Comics I of X

We all like Dogs in real life and they are even more adorable in Cartoons and Comics as well. Specially the kids like them a lot and these days cartoons and comics are made with proper care as its the best method for kids and even for adults to learn many good things.

In this first poll we will see 6 Dogs which are very popular in comics. Brief summary about these is.

Rantanplan is a fictional hound dog created by Belgian comics artist Morris and French writer René Goscinny.

Elmo the Dog is from the Funky Phantom

So which is your favorite?

  • Question of

    Rantanplan Vs Elmo the Dog

    • Rantanplan
    • Elmo the Dog
  • Question of

    Woofer Vs Hank the Cowdog

    • Woofer
    • Hank the Cowdog
  • Question of

    Red and Rover Vs Dum Dum

    • Red and Rover
    • Dum Dum


What do you think?


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