God is Building Your Character

Those who believe in God might find it tough at times when we have to wait upon Him for longer and longer. It sounds that He is not there anymore and not listening to us like He used to do it earlier. However, the sermons of Joel Osteen and Jesus Calls ministry have been saying repeatedly that He builds our Faith and our Character by doing so.

At times, it sounds that God has become so strict. He is not answering our prayers like earlier. Now, it makes us loose our hope in God and waiting for Him becomes impossible. Even then, He knows what He is doing because He is developing and establishing patience, trust, faith and perseverance in us.

Anything that involves impatience, even we do not like that. Taking hasty decisions and then coming to a conclusion that we do not need it anymore does not make any sense. Taste the food and then throw it saying that it is not good is not what God works upon.

God sent our Lord Jesus Christ into the world and in Him there was the virtue of patience, dignity, forgiveness, goodness, mercy, peace, love, compassion and so on. These characteristics are developed in us as well. Since Jesus was the son of God, He had these virtue in Him already, however, for us, we are transformed by the spirit and the word of God.

So, it takes time and it happens at the right time because God is not the one who would miss time or go wrong in timings. However, one thing I can tell you for sure is that when the testing is over, His blessings happen overnight. He can give everything overnight and in one package. Whatever we have asked for shall come to pass for sure.

So, if you have received this message in Jesus Name, then, let’s say, “Amen”!

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Written by puregrace

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