Four signs that someone is lying

Experts, police and detectives are trained and have professional experience that allows them to develop better the ability to observe the signs that may indicate a lie. They are facial expressions, movement of the legs, arms, the voice tone and even the brain give hints about the sincerity of a conversation. This is because each person has a different pattern of conversation, which changes when he is lying.

Based on the professionals’ experience, a common observer can detect a lie, just be aware and notice the little signs that the body gives while someone is lying. Although not an exact rule exists, there are some clues that are universal.

1. Excessive eye contact- Most liars were believed to look away by reporting a false narrative. However, one study suggested that lying people may make excessive eye contact in an unconscious attempt to camouflage the lie.

2. Blinking eyes- People who lie tend to give longer winks. This is due to an unconscious effect, because the brain, as a way of refusing what the person is saying, provokes these blinks, leaving the liar’s eye more closed than usual

.3. Hidden Hands- Those who are sincere tend to show the palm of their hand to their listener more easily, while liars tend to close and cover them, hiding them in their pockets, behind their backs, or folding their arms.

4. Speech disorders- Speech is a key point to identify truth. The tone of voice is changed and the person who is lying usually speaks louder because the vocal cords tighten when the organism is tense. The clues that can be observed through speech and which indicate a lie are:

– Take more time to reach the purpose of the conversation and make fewer direct statements;

– Repeat the same sentence when you deny or affirm something;

– Use the same words as the person who asked a question;

– Change the subject when you can not answer a question;

– Speak with a vocabulary difficult to be understood and with words that are not normally used by that person, besides detailing the facts too much;

– Speak too fast, stutter or stop in the middle of sentences.

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