Five Habits of Bitter People

Bitterness what is it? Well here are some words that might help paint the picture.” resentful · embittered · aggrieved · dissatisfied · disgruntled · discontented · grudge-bearing · grudging · begrudging · indignant · rancorous · splenetic · spiteful · jaundiced · ill-disposed · sullen · sour · churlish · morose · petulant · peevish · with a chip on one’s shoulder

I dare say that we have all been bitter about something in our lives, at sometime in our life. That would be normal. What is not normal, or healthy to develop habits that make bitterness abound a majority of the time.

Check the list and see if you know someone or might be on the path yourself to becoming a bitter person.

Jealousy ~ People who are habitually bitter don’t celebrate the success of others, they become jealous of their successes.

Draw Attention to Themselves by Acting Out ~ Recently there were people demonstrating in a town nearby where I live. I was going to the grocery store and three young men approached me and said, “Do you know that while you come here and buy food, your neighbors are starving?”

“Which of my neighbors are starving?”


“Oh and where do you live?”

“We are homeless.”

“I am sorry to hear that. Here is the address for a place where you can get a good meal and help with lodging” and I handed them the card.

“How do you expect us to get there?”

“The bus is free and if you flip the card over, you can see it will be stopping by here in about 5 minutes. You have a good day.”

I then watched go over a get in a brand new vehicle and drive away. I would consider that drawing attention and acting out.

Jaded Attitude ~ People who are jaded really don’t care for others very much. In the extreme they become sociopaths.  They tend to blame everything negative in their life on the behaviors of others.

Carry a Grudge Like it is Gold ~ Now grudges are kind of interesting. Hold a grudge is a defense mechanism that some people can over use.  A grudge for a short period of time it might be a healing tool, but when it lasts more than a few days it’s a problem.

Always Choose to See the Negative ~ There are two sides, ying and yang, good and bad to every situation. Sometimes it is hard to see both sides. Look for the bright side, if you dig deep there is good in every situation.

So perhaps even we put a little more effort to do the opposite of these habits we will find ourselves without bitterness!

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