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The Best Cartoon Characters of the 90s IV of X

Forth in the list of The Best Cartoon Characters of the 90s are the cartoon characters from 90s which made me laugh a lot and its the best medicine for us and make us healthy.

You can find a brief description about them as below.

Babs Bunny is a characters from Tiny toons adventures.

Arnold is a fictional character from the 2002 animated film Hey Arnold!: The Movie and television series Hey Arnold!.

Mel’s husband. When Doug appears in an episode it is usually because he is driving Mel to a band gig or stalking mission.

Turanga Leela, known simply by Leela, is a main character from the animated television series Futurama. Leela is ship captain, pilot, and head of all aviation services.

So which is your favorite?

  • Question of

    Ickis Vs Beetlejuice

    • Ickis
    • Beetlejuice
  • Question of

    Babs Bunny Vs Arnold

    • Babs Bunny
    • Arnold
  • Question of

    Doug Vs Turanga Leela

    • Doug
    • Turanga Leela


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