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Although not the most glamorous type of accommodation, tents provide you with a dry, sheltered and cheap/free place to rest your weary head after a day full of adventures and sure what more do you really need? There are a few things to bear in mind though before you decide to go camping. One of these is the weather conditions you’re likely to come up against at your destination. If it’s likely to be wet and windy it’s probably worthwhile investing in a strong and waterproof tent (I learned the hard way that water resistant does not mean water proof!). Another thing to consider is the size of your tent. If you’re moving about lots on your travels you’ll want something lightweight and portable. If you’re planning on staying in the one spot for a while then something slightly bigger might suit you better.

Wild camping: Camping out in nature can be a very freeing and liberating experience, your home is literally where your heart is. There’s something wonderful about tuning into nature and learning to rest and rise with the sun. And lets not forget, it’s free! My partner and I had a fantastic experience hiking and wild camping along the Wicklow Way trail in Ireland earlier this year, despite our mistake of pitching at the top of a mountain one night during a thunderstorm! Now, in Ireland, wild camping is not strictly legal although, if you stick the leave no trace guidelines, you generally won’t be kicked off your spot. Check the laws in whichever country you’re going to and, legal or not, always show the environment the respect it deserves. Also, before disappearing into the forest with your tent on your back, be sure that it’s safe to do so. As I’ve mentioned before, camping in the bear filled woods of Brasov, Romania is probably not recommended.

Campsites: While maybe not as daring and exciting as wild camping, campsites are usually quite affordable and there are definitely benefits to pitching up in one. Aside from having access to toilets, showering facilities and electricity, you get a chance to mingle with fellow campers. Most campsites nowadays also have activities and entertainment for their guests – I have many fond memories of family holidays spent in France playing bingo at our campsite.


Written by Ishtar Darlington

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