Don’t Forget the Details (3/8)

  • Macro details of a newborn baby are sometimes the most important part of the “newborn” story. When you are photographing a new baby, please don’t forget those tiny details! Parents love them! It is these details and macro shots that truly tell the story and are so important if your clients want to make an album. We always like to tell parents how important these detail shots can be to them 25 years from now, once their baby is all grown up. Remind them that those tiny lips fingers, toes, eyelashes, etc. will never be this small again.
  • For newborn sessions, we recommend to shoot between 2.5 and 3.5 F-stop. For macros, our photographer likes to stop down to about 5.6 or 8 F-stop.
  • Details of the baby are so important to each session….toes, lips, eyelashes, etc.

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