Winter season in Rajasthan a call for festival time with travel season

The current 2018 has almost completed half of its time period and just after two months, winter season is about to enter into India. What does winter season bring for you? However, the answers vary from person to person, but if we talk about travelers, they eagerly wait for the start of the winter season, as the knock of winter season opens the booking of tourist destinations and best chosen destinations in India for India tour as winter season the best time for travelling.

Rajasthan opens with heavy booking for the winter season traveling, and this coming season of tourism in Rajasthan brings you a package of exotic destinations with the festival package. Some of the most decorated cities of Rajasthan are scheduled to host major festivals apart from religious festivals, giving a chance to explore much more about Rajasthan as well be the participant of glorious ceremony.

Jaipur literature festival

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Jaipur Literature Festival – the Diggi Palace of Jaipur is all set to welcome the most decorated personalities of India from every field like politicians, historians, humanitarians, and leading business man. The Jaipur Literature Festival is about a Literature fest organized, for major conversations about certain topics and deliver a face of the New India. It is great to join the festival, scheduled in January of 2019, to explore Rajasthan historic attractions along with something unique of this literature fest.

Jaypor open house festival

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The Jaypore Open House – this event is scheduled in January as Open House festival for Jaipur arts and handicrafts. Rajasthan is known for Handicrafts, textiles, pottery art and crafts. Along with the tour in Rajasthan, you will get a great option to shop and explore masterpieces of arts and crafts of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan desert festival

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Desert Festival – the Thar desert city of Rajasthan, Jaiselmer is the most promising city attracting people from all across the globe. January is the best time to plan a trip of Rajasthan with getting a chance to enjoy the desert festival. The Thar desert during this festival looks great and different with many beauties and attractions like-

  • Traditional and bright costumes
  • Folk music recitals
  • Camel race competition
  • Tug of war
  • Moustache competition
  • Gymnastic stunts
  • Different mouth watering foods special cuisines of Rajasthan
Rajasthan's World Sufi Spirit Festival

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Sufi Spirit Festival – The Naguar city of Rajasthan, will be turning into a musical city from heritage city. The biggest artists from the music industry of India as well all over the world are joining to entertain you with sufi music and songs. Music lover travelers and heritage lover travelers must definitely plan for this coming January to witness both in a single package tour best arranged by India tour package considering best luxury, hospitality and best travel experience.


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