Why Adventurists Should Get Chopta-Chandrashila Trekking Package

Adventurists never let go of the sites that bring them closer to nature and drive their adrenaline rush. Since the Himalayas occupy some of the most challenging and serene landscapes, enthusiasts avidly plan to climb each of these trails at least once. Chopta is a snow-peaked and lush-green part of the Himalayas, which blends well with tranquility and adventure. This wonderland is also known as Mini-Switzerland because of its picturesque backdrop, scenic beauty, and quaint existence. The panoramic mountain is accessible via two trekking routes, Tungnath-Chandrashila and Deoria Tal. Although both trajectories are excellent individually, many trekkers believe to have an unparalleled experience on the other route. This is why many travel operators offer Chopta-Chandrashila Trekking package to the adventure junkies. Several other reasons also entice people from across the globe to embark on this incredible journey, read on to learn more about them.


While trekking is common but why it is loved so much still remains a mystery. The mother nature awaits the tourists on this 5km trek and soothes their eyes and soul with the view of its velvety meadows and rolling Garhwal Himalayas. The base camp is located at Chopta where the camping experience further amazes trek junkies and warms them up for a behemoth ahead. If it is a group tour, then sitting under the moonlight with the loved ones and circling the bone fire with soft music playing beside are the moments to savor.

Shiva Temple

Also ventured for visiting the world’s highest Lord Shiva’s temple, many people construe it as a pilgrimage. The temple is situated in Tungnath at a height of 3,680m above sea level. This place has a mythological significance, which states that it’s the place where Ravana did penance to please the Lord. The sanctum is a complex that houses several small shrines. The idols of Adi Shankaracharya, Nandi’s flank, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Ved Vyasa, the Pandavas, and Kaal Bhairav are placed in these shrines. Dwelling in the vicinity of Tungnath near the Akash Ganga waterfall, Nanda Devi temple is also a revered place among pilgrims besides the main temple.  

Nine-colored Bird

The avian wealth of these mountains, including the glimpse of some unique species of birds like Rufous Woodpecker, Lammergeier, Snow Pigeon, Hill Prinia, Golden Eagle, Black Bulbul, etc., deems extravagant during the trek. Monal’s iridescent plumage on the wings and neck gives the bird a moniker, “Nine-Coloured Bird”. When you are feeling weary because of climbing irregular cliffs and narrow trails, the view of green, purple, red, and blue metallic colors mixed on its feathers, makes you forget about your exhausted soul and live in the moment before it flies away.

 Chopta-Chandrashila trekking tours are flocked with numerous scenic peaks. This expedition is comparatively difficult than many others in the nearby valley, yet people streamline this jaunt to test their energy and push their limits further. Not to mention, the flora and fauna that flourish together in the region to prevent Musk Deer from extinction. After reading all these reasons, you might be convinced why it is a must for your adventure-bound soul.


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