Venezuela’s Economic Collapse

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

I woke up early today, and I went to the Spectrum Center to try out the new classes. Since I was early, I went upstairs to use the exercise equipment. I noticed new treadmills. So, I decided to try them out, and I walked for 20 minutes. I wasn’t wearing sneakers. I need to buy new ones. There were only six old stationary bikes left. But there is a cycle class in a room. There are not more TVs attached to equipment. That is too bad because I used to enjoy working out on the stationary bike and treadmill while watching something for an hour or two. I went to the 9:30 am class—Pop Pilates. It was interesting but I was rusty. This new class started today. It is a little fast, and I got a little confused trying to follow the instruction. I think it is Pilates to music. I need to get used to the moves again and everything will move smoothly like in the past. I returned home around noon.

I went browsing on the internet, and I found another video about Venezuela’s recent drone attack on its president by USA.

I think this is all intentional for the NWO agenda because this is happening to many countries, one by one, until the Zionists create their One World Govt to control the earth. They are trying to make all the countries weak until they collapse and became a slave to the NWO agenda’s One World Govt.


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