Unveiling Bristol’s true beauty with these 6 gorgeous locations

England houses some of the world’s most fabulous places to visit at least once in your lifetime; London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Southampton to name a few. Since these places have a history for you to savour and you cannot really spend enough time in all these places, let’s pick a specific location and tour around, shall we? For the some of the best days of your life, here is a list of 6 truly gorgeous places which you cannot afford miss to when in Bristol. Lets go!

1. Bristol Old City

To live in the spirit of original Bristol, travel to Bristol Old City with executive chauffeur services to enjoy every second you spend there. Bristol old city houses all the historic buildings of the city, St. Stephen’s Church, St. John on the wall and Old Council House to name a few. You can also enjoy a short shopping spree at the St. Nicholas Market which is quite nearby.

2. Bristol Zoo

If you are a fauna enthusiast, then Bristol Zoo is a must visit. You can happily spend a bright afternoon learning about exotic animal species while you get to witness them inn these zoological gardens. Opt for chauffeur hire to reach the Bristol zoo, which is one of the oldest zoos in the world and has all sorts of magnificent animals ranging from gorillas to rare butterflies. The place has a history of saving 175 species from extinction which makes it one of the hotspots in Bristol.

3. M Shed

When you hire professional chauffeur services in Bristol, they will surely recommend you to visit M Shed, where Bristol comes alive. This place exhibit’s city’s history with artifacts, anecdotes and information about the prehistoric beginnings. It’s a must visit place for all history freaks as there is a wide array of things to explore. Two most fascinating things about M Shed is that it has a collection of city’s best art and it has a historic steam train.

4. Banksy’s Street art

If you don’t explore the street art in Bristol, then you haven’t explored Bristol well. Banksy, the world famous street artist, known for his bold expressions has covered almost every underpass and back alleys with it’s incredible street art. You can hope to find anything on the walls from controversial to unique art. Opt for chauffeur hire in Bristol for exploring all the crazy wall arts.

5. The Watershed

If you bear great love for cinema, then The Watershed is the perfect place for you to hang out when in Bristol. It house a cafe-bar, three cinemas and great event spaces. The place is located on Bristol’s harbourside and never fails to attract the young blood of the city. Watershed hosts a numerous film festivals and if you want to spend time watching award-winning documentaries and art films, then dedicate special time for The Watershed and you won’t regret it.

6. Bristol Cathedral

Behold a building which took 600 years to be completed and be called a church. The church of Saint Augustine Abbey, better known as Bristol Cathedral is a beautiful sight. The building is most popular for great gatehouse, fish scale patterns and rectangular chapter house. While your vip chauffeur car hire ( for best experience) drops you at the cathedral, you can ask the driver about the cathedral’s brief history.

Once you are done with sightseeing, try Bristol’s amazing street food which will make you want more aat Bristol Eats, The Tobacco factory or an all time favourite St. Nicholas Market. Hire chauffeur driven cars for comfortable traveling without worrying about the routes and different locations. Have a fantastic trip!


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