Topmost Clean Railways Stations

The subject of topmost clean railway stations is debatable. However there are many surveys every year that conducts rigorous analysis to identify which railway stations in India are most clean. There are several parameters that a station needs to satisfy in order to come under this category known as A1 category railway station. So according to the “Swach Rail Swach Bharat” survey by the Indian Railways these stations are the top-most clean railway stations in India:

1.Surat: Surat railway station stands out as the most clean railway station. Located in Gujarat state, Surat is one of the most important station of this state and is the most clean railway station currently according to the surveys.

2.Rajkot: Rajkot also is located in Gujarat state and is one of the topmost clean railway station. It has dedicated inquiry counters, waiting rooms, drinking water facilities and cafeteria.

3.Bilaspur: Located in Chhattisgarh, this is one of the most important and busiest railway station of this state.

4.Solapur: Solapur is one of the many stations of Maharashtra state and holds the prestige to be among cleanest railway stations.

5.Mumbai Central: Mumbai central is one of the 4 main stations of Mumbai city. Since population is dense in Mumbai, this station always remains crowded and still is one of the most clean stations.

6.Jamnagar: This is the third most clean railway stations of Gujarat state. It is well equipped with modern day facilities like ATM machines, Escalators, dedicated cafeteria etc and maintains cleanliness around.

7.Gandhidham: Another railway station from Gujarat, this is one of the fastest growing railway station which maintains the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at its high.

8.Vasco-Da-Gama: This station is the main railway station of Goa state which seeks major tourism from foreign tourists. Hence special care is taken to take this station clean every year.

9.Jodhpur: Jodhpur railway station of Rajasthan seeks heavy tourists during winters and the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is one of the important missions of this station. Hence the minute one reaches Jodhpur station, one would sense cleanliness and beauty of this state on its platforms.



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Written by Rohit Thakur

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