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Top 5 Heavenly Places You Must Visit

There are definitely thousands of heavenly places in the world that are worth your visit!

Unfortunately, there’s not enough time or money to see all of these wonderful places during a lifetime. But, here’s the top 5 places that are the best in the world!

If you like traveling, and you still haven’t thought about your next destination, then don’t bother looking for it. We provide you a list of the 10 most amazing places in the world that are worth seeing, no matter where you live! If you want to enrich your traveling background and experience to the utmost, then this is the list you should definitely count on!

Kauai, Hawaii

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If you are not a winter person and you’re looking for a worthy “getaway”, than this is the perfect destination for you! Pack your bikini and your cycling equipment and get ready for the best tropical paradise in the world!

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora

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And, WOW! Bora Bora and its admiring beauty are everlasting! It has one of the most clearest pristine blue waters in the world! I still haven’t met a person that doesn’t have Bora Bora among their biggest dreams!

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Victoria Falls

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The best picture is captured between the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Don’t miss a chance, and visit the most amazing waterfall in the world!

Rainbow Mountains, China

Rainbow Mountains

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Yes, I’m pretty sure most of you are surprised now and it’s the first time you’re hearing about the Rainbow Mountains! But, it’s never late to visit them and check the landscapes, combined both of dramatic colors and wonderful sandstone! This is a proof that Mother Nature can be more extraordinary than we thought!

Ta Prohm, Cambodia

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Built as a Buddhist monastery and a university in the past, but now definitely turning into a must-see travel destination! One of my favorite among the most beautiful heavenly places in the whole world!


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