Top 4 Magnificent Yachting Destinations in the Mediterranean

For avid yachters, the Mediterranean presents endless opportunities for pursuing their passion. But with so many options available, how to spot that perfect destination to visit this summer?

With its marvelous nature, glorious weather and vibrant local culture, the Mediterranean is Europe’s precious region. Underpinned by beautiful scenery and rich history, this part of the world is truly like no other.
For avid yachters, the Mediterranean presents endless opportunities for pursuing their passion. But with so many options available, how to spot that perfect destination to visit this summer?
Here’s our curated list of the top 5 ultimate yachting destinations in the Mediterranean – these ones are definitely not to be missed.

Croatia, the country of pristine beaches and secluded marinas

Just until recently, Croatia was a somewhat lesser-known travel and yachting destination but that’s changing rapidly now. The country owes its success to the fantastic marine scenery. In fact, Croatia yacht charters are gaining more and more traction among yachters from all over the world.
Without a doubt, the Adriatic coastline is a major yachting spot to check out. The “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik, has a lot of moorings, traditional fishing villages, islands and anchorages in its vicinity.
The Adriatic coast in Croatia is also home to some breathtaking views. It’s dotted with small medieval towns and resorts with thriving nightlife extravaganza, delicious cuisine and historic sites.
The Split area is another must-see yachting destination in Croatia. Beautiful islands of Korula, Bra and Hvar boast the Renaissance heritage. Conveniently located in just about 15 minutes from the airport, the Split area also frequently serves as the entrance to the Krk National Park famous for its waterfalls.

Greece, the yachting heaven you’ll be fascinated with



Greece is truly a yachting heaven in the heart of the Mediterranean. The cultural heritage of this country is invaluable. Yachters will definitely appreciate the opportunity to visit some of the most famous historic places during their vacation.
Greece yacht charters will impress you with their sailing facilities and available routes. There are ample opportunities to explore numerous islands and beautiful deserted coves. Greece is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters and the wonderfully blue seascapes you won’t find elsewhere.
Greece’s major yachting destinations are:

  • Corfu;
  • Kos;
  • the Argolic Gulf;
  • the Saronic Gulf;
  • Lefkada.

Weather is perfect for yachting throughout summer and autumn, from May to October. Wind is moderately strong bringing the pine scent when sailing in the vicinity of the pine forests which dot the coastlines of many Greek islands. Regattas and sailing contests are held all the time so you can join in as well.
And of course the Greek wine and cuisine are not to be missed either!

Take a voyage to France, your finest yachting destination

The country of haute couture and haute cuisine, France knows how to deliver the best yachting experience. In fact, it boasts the reputation of the most luxurious yachting hotspot.
If you want to take part in the world-class sailing events, France is where you find them. Here are just a few worth attending to experience the very best France yacht charters:

  • Cannes Royal Regattas;
  • Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez;
  • Classic Week in Monaco.

The French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur, is a glamorous hotspot with its luxury resorts and yachting clubs. Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Nice, Marseilles are one of the best locations to visit. Corsica and the Gulf of Lion are also fantastic yachting spots with small tides, fine weather throughout the year and high-quality facilities.
More advanced sailors might want to yacht in Northern France – sailing in the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel can be an exciting adventure ad quite a challenge with their strong tides.
Take a voyage to France for the unforgettable sailing, refined cultural experience and a lifetime of memories!

Corsica, the “Scented Island” and beautiful sailing spot

The world may know Corsica as a place Napoleon Bonaparte was born but it has a lot more to offer. This mountainous island in the heart of the Mediterranean embodies the marine lifestyle and is adored by yachters from all over the world. It’s got its name, the Scented Island, thanks to maquis the wild flower, the scent of which can reach far out into the sea.
Pick any place on Corsica and it’s going to be either a breathtaking natural enclave, a picturesque medieval town or the UNESCO world heritage site. Opportunities for yachting are ample. Corsica yacht charters will take you to the island’s most beautiful spots:

  • Golfe de Porto;
  • Bonifacio;
  • Ajaccio;
  • Cap Corse;
  • Porto-Vecchio;
  • Bastia.

As the island, Corsica is experiencing windy weather all the time. While sailing around Corsica, get ready for the dry and hot days but this location is totally worth it.


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