The Satanic Triangle

Since it is almost October, I decided to check out some real life ghost stories on YouTube.

Somewhere in Switzerland, there are romantic castles, amidst green mountains and a very dark history.

This video is interesting. It is about a castle filled with darkness. Many children were experimented on, tortured, and sacrificed in this castle. I wonder if they were buried in that area because there appears to be a lot of empty land. It is filled with satanic acts and illuminati symbolism as well as pedophilia. The Satanic Triangle is a place where children disappear. This Satanic Triangle suddenly reminds me of the Bermuda Triangle, where certain people mysteriously disappear. But nowadays I don’t think is a mystery anymore. It is all preplanned and intended, but covered up to appear as a mystery.

Lots of pyramid structures in this area.

But this area in Switzerland looks nice, and fun to go exploring. I have only been to downtown Zurich. We only stayed there for the weekend because everything closes at 6 or 7 pm. It was like a ghost town after six.

It would be fun to explore this castle in real life. But for now, I will settle with internet traveling and exploring…


What do you think?

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