The Lincolns at Knob Creek Farm

After leaving Lincoln’s Birthplace Cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky you can drive a short 12-15 miles to a place called Knob Creek Farm. This is a where the Lincoln family moved next. Originally the Lincoln’s had bought the Sinking Spring Farm but had to leave because of common surveying and land disputes. The Lincoln’s were there from 1809 when Abraham was born to 1811. The Lincolns had two children then, Sarah and Abraham. They leased the 30 acres of bottomland farm along the Cumberland Trail at Knobs Creek. ¬†Sarah and Abe went to school only two short walking miles from the farm. Classroom studies would not last as Abe was needed for the demands of frontier life back home, but he continued his studies at home reading books in the cabin they stayed in and under the large trees there. The 30 acre farm was barely enough to sustain a family in those times. They grew crops such as corn and pumpkins and grew herbs for medicines and dyes much as is grown in the area still today. The Lincolns were here until 1816 when Abraham was 7 years old. The area you see below is all there is to the plot of farmland and appears to be the flat floodplain area of the Knob Creek.


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