The best places to visit Sikkim and Gangtok

Sikkim is an Indian state that borders located in the northeast part of the country. The state borders Tibet in the northern region and Bhutan in the eastern region and finally in the western area.

Sikkim, as a state has continued to grow in terms of tourism. This growth is mainly due to the rules many tourist attractions that attract tourists from across the globe. Listed below are some of the features and places that attract tourists to Sikkim.

Tsomgo Lake 

The location of Tsomgo Lake is 38 kilometers away from the capital of Sikkim. The Tsomgo Lake forms one of the best tourist attractions in Sikkim and also is the most popular tourist attraction in the state. If you wish to travel or visit the Tsomgo Lake, then you may have to take a snaky road through the mountains to the lake itself.

The whole journey of traveling to the tomato lakes by a snaky road via the mountains is just another adventure on its own. If you are planning a visit in Gangtok, then you should ensure you visit Tsomgo Lake.


Located in the west part of Sikkim, yuksom is an old historic site considered by many as one of the best places to visit in Gangtok. The town gets bestowed by natural beauty together with a continuous trail for trekkers.

If you are in Sikkim, looking for a place to spend some quiet moments and connect with nature away from the busy city. Then yuksom will probably be the right place for you.

Nathula Pass 

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Gangtok Sikkim, then you should consider visiting the Nathula pass. The place location is close to the Himalayas and joins India with Tibet. The pass gets characterized by the old Silk Road.

If you are in Sikkim, then you should consider visiting the Nathula pas for the best moments of nature and also a little bit of history.


If you are planning on a visit to Sikkim and you happen to be one of those individuals who like nature adventure, then you should consider visiting the Ravangla. The place is full of dense forests and mountains, giving you the best nature moments.


Namchi stands out from other tourist attractions in Sikkim in so many ways. First, the site is the only place you can get assured of finding the most beautiful fresh air for breathing. The air around this place gets filled with lush flora enhancing your experience in the area.

If you visit to Sikkim and choose to come to Namchi, you will enjoy the beautiful mountain views together with other sceneries making your visit there worth cherishing.


Zuluk gets considered as one of the offbeat tourist places in Sikkim. The village of zuluk gets located at a high altitude with an empowering history due to its connection to the silk route.  If you visit the town you will enjoy great range views together with snowcapped mountains views.

These view get even better during the winter months, and if you like watching snowfall, then this should be the place for you.


If you are planning on a visit to Sikkim, then you should consider visiting the places mentioned above for the best tour experience.


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