The Advantages and Disadvantages of going on Vacation Trips

Every coin has two sides. Like a coin, travel has two faces, the advantages and the disadvantages. But this is what we find on the plate of life: the good and the bad, the sweet and the bitter, the high and the low. This is a reality we live with. Even heaven and hell coexist together in eternity, for the good and the bad respectively.

Every vacation trip has taken home memories. Some of them are good, while others are those which are easily wished away. This article explores both sides of the travel coin, to let you into possible advantages and disadvantages of vacation trips.

Advantages of Vacation Trips

1. Learning Opportunity

There is no end to learning, so they say. Every twist and turn in life present an invaluable learning opportunity, vacation trips being no exception. Vacation trips enable us to discover the uniqueness of the different cultures around the world. Travel in itself is very educational in nature. It opens us up in very unimaginable ways. Not only does it enhance self awareness, it also opens us up to the world around us, broadening our citizenry beyond the confines of the borders of our countries to global citizenship.

2. Escapism

When the issues of life seem to overwhelm you, and you don’t know what to do, go on a journey. When the movie or book don’t work, a vacation trip could just be what you need. Taking time off from your current situation enables you to look at it more soberly from a different perspective.

3. Opportunity for Self Rediscovery and Reinvention

While on a vacation trip out there, you meet new interact with new people and encounter new experiences help you to awaken the giant within you. Some experiences and interactions may not be so good, but it is in such tough circumstances that the treasure in you emerges.

4. Adventure and Spontaneity

If you love adventure and spontaneity, vacation trips give you the opportunity to flow with life freely as it happens around you. When you want to go on a vacation where you can enjoy water and land activities both at the same time, Kiawah Island Rentals is the perfect choice! You never can tell where the wind takes you. Lose yourself to fun and adventure. Make new friends. Just enjoy life.

5. Personal Growth and Stability

Every trip you make and every travel experience makes you better in most, if not all, aspects of your life. The travel challenges you face build your stamina to face and overcome the challenges in your life. The knowledge we gain while on vacation is translated into life skills that help us to maneuver in life. Thus, we experience subconscious mental, emotional and social growth, making us more stable to face life with fresh synergy.


1. Home Sickness

There is no place like home. There’s just something very unexplainable about home. Not only is it stimulating, it is very wonderful and reassuring. No matter how great a vacation trip may be, it can never replace home. While away on vacation, you definitely miss something about home. It can be your parents, siblings, relatives or even your pet. Thank God for social media. You can keep in touch with the rest of the family, no matter the distance, through such social media platforms as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and email.

2. The Cost

Vacation Trips cost quite some money, and can easily be mistaken for the rich alone. The costs for travelling to different destinations vary. While some are cheap and quite affordable, others are damn prohibitively costly. Whether cheap or expensive, one fact remains: good financial planning is required for a successful vacation trip. Hence the reason why such sites like have come up with customized vacation packages to help vacationers plan well for their trips and manage the costs effectively. Moreover, if you happen to get a timeshare vacation ownership, you need to understand more about timeshare maintenance fees collection to keep track of the additional cost.

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3. Addiction to Travelling

Vacation trips can be very addictive. Once you get used to them, you want to keep travelling. This travel bug can be very stubborn and hard to get rid of. It has the effect of making a person so restless that no trip can satiate the desire to travel. By the time they are done with one destination, they have already planned for the next. Such are the travelers who are ever on travelling.

4. Dangers of Escapism

Yes, escapism gives you relief from your immediate pressures of life, but it can take the wrong angle of leaving a trail of unresolved issues in life. If not, well checked, escapism can make you a dodger, a person who can’t simply confront and solve life’s problems. When problems are unresolved for a long time, they pile up and become a time bomb that explodes when least expected. The tendency to hide behind travel only keeps your demons waiting for your return to haunt you even more. What then? The approach to escapism should be very rational.

5. Dangers of Travel

Travel in itself has inherent dangers that are initially unforeseen. For example, you may find yourself in hostile destinations with unexpected upheavals like terror attacks and political unrest. Other dangers include transit accidents. The worst thing is when you are caught up in the quagmire of these dangers hundreds of miles away from home.

6. Missing Family Events and Functions, Milestones

Whether you travel or not, life moves on, and things keep happening. People continue to be engaged and wedded, while others pass on to the world yonder. Life doesn’t stall for others to wait for your return. It keeps rolling on.

Vacation trips put a distance between you and your family. Your absence in family functions is felt. And of course you also feel bad for missing such milestones as your relatives’ engagements and birthdays, among others. It is even worse when a close relative like your mother or father passes on while you are on vacation. This can easily blight and ruin your trip.

Vacation trips are inevitable, no matter the argument against them. Travel is a sacrifice, a worthy sacrifice, considering the benefits. Getting to know your world better can be compared to nothing. It can’t be compared to missing a ceremony or two. It has its place in our lives, and it leaves indelible, treasurable memories of our destinations.


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